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Cleaner, safer schools, a fair wage increase that recognizes our value and importance to education, providing the quality of services students deserve, opportunities for us to advance, safety and respect on the job – this is what our campaign to Lift Our Schools and Raise Our Communities has been all about from the very beginning, and it has been our hope that LAUSD would bargain with us on these issues in good faith.

Instead, what we have seen instead are:

  • A slap-in-the-face wage increase offer of a one-time 2% increase and 1% one-time bonus over the 3-year term of the contract, while school board members get an absurd 174% raise. 
  • Attempts to cut the hours of Special Education Assistants, thus attempting to reduce service to our neediest students.
  • A lack of solutions put forth for inadequate staffing of Buildings & Grounds workers who have voiced their concerns for years that there isn’t enough staff to keep schools fully maintained.
  • A lack of solutions put forth for Community Representatives who serve as vital links between schools and the local community, and who frequently work several hours longer a day than the three hours of pay they’re limited to.

Our Bargaining Team is calling on all Local 99 members to march on LAUSD’s December 12 Board Meeting to make it loud and clear: We demand solutions, fairness and respect and we will not accept stonewalling and cuts. Hundreds of SEIU Local 99 members have committed to be there. We’re aiming for much more. Don’t leave your fellow brothers and sisters hanging. Join them at this march and fight together for the contract we deserve.

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What We’re Fighting For

The District continues to depend on a largely part-time work force to provide critical support services, including student nutrition, health and safety, and classroom support. Additionally, after school programs and parent training, which are proven to increase graduation rates are in dire need of expansion. Career ladder opportunities to hire more teachers from our local school communities have not been funded in years. And while we’ve worked with the District to lift the wage floor at LAUSD, many of the District’s most experienced, long-time workers still struggle on wages that have not kept up with the rising costs of living.

We have identified four key areas that will address these problems and will be a focus of our negotiation with LAUSD:

Staffing Levels

Staffing levels on key student programs and services must be increased so that all students learn in clean, safe environments and have the support they need to succeed.

Read Julio’s story
Read Willie’s story

Fair Wages

School employees with years of dedication and experience must be compensated a fair wage. Wages aren’t just about money. Many of us are also parents of current LAUSD students. When parents have a good job, our children have the stability at home that they need to succeed in school.

Read Thresa’s story 

Training & Education

Teachers and staff who live in the same neighborhood as their schools know their students better than anyone else. We want to increase training and education opportunities to bring more local faces into our schools and foster stronger communities.

Read Maria’s story

Safety & Respect

The education of our children is also about the examples that we set for them. We can do this at our schools by fostering work environments where all employees are safe and respected.

Read Grace’s story

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LAUSD may be trying to reduce hours of Special Education Assistants, bargaining in bad faith. Let us know if you’ve been affected.

  Back in August, LAUSD tried to cut the hours of Special Education Assistants across-the-board. We said 'NO WAY' and put a stop to it at the bargaining table. Now, it has come to SEIU [...]

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