Contract Proposals Sunshined

We took the first official step to begin contract negotiations on February 14, 2017 when we publicly “sunshined” our contract proposal issues with LAUSD. This means we let the District know which issues we are going to be negotiating – fair wages, improved staffing levels, increased training opportunities, and more safety and respect on the job.

SEIU Local 99 Executive Director Max Arias, who will also be our Chief Negotiator, spoke before the School Board during their meeting. He was joined by Bargaining Team Members Marjorie McDonald, a Health Care Assistant and Robert Ortiz, a Truck Driver. They presented school board members with a booklet that includes member stories that highlight the issues we will be addressing at the bargaining table. Read the stories here.

With this initial step in the bargaining process completed, we’re working to set-up bargaining dates with LAUSD as soon as possible.

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Wayne Huang is Senior Communications Design Specialist at SEIU Local 99. He has formerly worked in various positions within the nonprofit sector focusing on visual communications and fundraising.