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Bargaining Team planning meeting on March 29

Hello. My name is Elizabeth Thomas-Parker and I’m a Special Education Assistant at Gulf Elementary School. I’m proud to be a part of our SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team. On behalf of the Bargaining Team, I’d like to share an update with you on the negotiations we had with LAUSD on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

It was our second bargaining session and we presented the District with proposals on job transfers and Labor Management Committees. We also received a response from the District to proposals we presented on March 8.

While the District agreed that workers should be treated with dignity and respect, they refused language that would give workers the right to file a grievance over disrespectful treatment. We will continue to address this in negotiations.

Also, right now, Community Representatives and other workers in Unit G can be disciplined or fired at any time – for any reason or no reason at all. The District calls this “at will” employment and rejected our proposal that would fix this unjust treatment. Those of us in Units B, C, and F have access to basic job protections. I feel it is important that we stand with “at will” employees so they have equal treatment. Ultimately, it helps the children and families of LAUSD if all workers can openly address problems or suggest new ideas.

Tell us what you think. Are you a Community Representative? Do you feel insecure about your job? We’re trying to change this and we need to hear your story.

Click here to complete a quick form. Your thoughts and input are important as we work to bring more respect and fairness for all workers at LAUSD. Our next bargaining session is on Wednesday, April 19.

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About the Author:

Elizabeth Thomas-Parker is a Special Education Assistant at Gulf Elementary School. She is also a member of her School Site Council. She has worked with LAUSD for 28 years. She is a member of SEIU Local 99’s Bargaining Team because, she says, “it is important to support the entire team of classified employees.”