Proposals for better staffing, wage increases and training. Are you ready to fight?

During our bargaining session with LAUSD on May 10, we let the District know that they need to invest in what they have: dedicated workers! Some of us have decades on the job. We care about making sure students have clean and safe schools. Here are the proposals we presented:

  • Improved staffing, including restoring the staffing levels of Building and Grounds Workers to 2006-2007 levels before all of the massive cuts. We let the District know that schools are not being maintained to standards and students are suffering. It’s just wrong that some bathrooms in our schools are closed because there is not enough staff to clean them.
    Our proposals also addressed concerns with the under staffing of Special Education Assistants and the subcontracting of their work to Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) Providers.We also proposed changes to allow for additional hours for Community Representatives who do so much to connect parents with the school but who are limited in the hours they can be paid.
  • Fair and strong wage increases for all that take into account our years of dedicated service to the District. We also proposed a “Me Too” clause which means that if any other union at LAUSD gets a bigger wage increase than we get, then we will receive the additional increase.
  • Education and Training Fund for workers who are thinking of changing career paths with the District. This fund would be used to help employees receive training to promote to a different position within the District and also to train employees for future careers at LAUSD.

I believe our bargaining team presented some strong proposals – now it’s up to all of us to fight for them.

Join us at a vigil on May 25 at 6pm in front of LAUSD Headquarters. We need to show the District that we are a force. They need to invest in us because we make sure students have the infrastructure they need to be safe and supported.

As an Automotive Storekeeper with LAUSD, my job is to make sure all of the buses, vans, school police fleet and other vehicles are safe and in operating order. When school police units need to get to a school because there is an emergency, students and families need those vehicles to be ready. When painters need to go out to remove graffiti from a school, their vans and equipment need to be in operating order. And every day, our school buses need to be fully serviced and ready to safely transport thousands of students.  As a storekeeper, that’s my job to make sure all the parts are available and ready for any repairs.

All of our jobs are important to our schools. Let’s fight to make sure that we have better staffing, good wages and an education fund so we can continue to serve our students.

See you at the vigil on Thursday, May 25. Don’t let the traffic stop you. There are free buses available in your area.

P.S. Not a SEIU Local 99 member? The more of us who are official members, the more power we have to win a strong contract. Sign up here.

See a video of my report:

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About the Author:

Robinson Landeta is an Automotive Fleet Storekeeper at LAUSD's Alameda Bus Garage. He has been with the district for over 20 years and this is his first time representing members on the Bargaining Team.