Procurement Workers Stand up and Set an Example for Us All

When LAUSD Procurement Workers picketed outside the Procurement Services Center last Thursday against the District’s insensitive and unfair Z time policy, they set the example of what all 30,000 of us—the classified school employees of LAUSD—need to do to win the contract we deserve, and have the kind of schools our communities deserve. Make no mistake, this is going to be a battle with the District to improve our wages, improve school staffing, and improve dignity and respect on the job.

SEIU Local 99 Executive Director Max Arias says: “It’s about taking power in the workplace and it’s a mutual respect…the power is what creates a relationship. What we had before was us begging for [things]. Now we’re developing a relationship, which means a respect for our power. But to do that, we have to keep showing our power like we do.”

Check out photos from the picket.

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About the Author:

Wayne Huang is Senior Communications Design Specialist at SEIU Local 99. He has formerly worked in various positions within the nonprofit sector focusing on visual communications and fundraising.