On Wages: District Disappoints Again – Time to Turn Up the Heat

Our Bargaining Team met with the District on September 27. LAUSD’s negotiator had promised to come back with a “generous” wage proposal. So what did they offer? LAUSD continued to stick to their one-time 2% raise and now they added a 1% one-time bonus.

They call this generous? The school board just got a 174% wage increase! If the District can do that, then they can afford a real increase for those of us who provide direct care and support to our students.

We reject LAUSD’s wage offer! We demand a higher wage increase!


We’re ready to turn up the heat.

In October, we’ll be setting-up informational picket lines at schools throughout the District.

An informational picket line is not a strike. It is a way to inform parents and the public that the District is not making fair proposals on wages and staffing. And it’s a way to put pressure on the District to start bargaining for real. You participate on your own time – before or after school or during breaks.

Are you in? SEIU Local 99 is offering information, materials, and support to any members who want to step up and plan an informational picket at their work site. Ready to organize? Let us know here.

Remember – together in our union we bargain, divided we beg.

The Bargaining Team also discussed other issues at the table:

  • Staffing: The District came back with nothing regarding increasing staffing for Building and Grounds Workers and other positions that are critically understaffed.
  • Health care benefits: On September 20, we also began bargaining over our health care benefits. We went to the table united and strong with the other seven unions that represent workers at LAUSD, including teachers, administrators, and school police. The District verbally stated that it does not plan to continue funding health care at the current level. In fact, they pushed for the unions to identify our own health care cuts from a list that includes employee/retiree monthly premium contributions of up to 20%, elimination of dependent coverage, elimination of plan options, and tiering of retiree health care.
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About the Author:

Wayne Huang is Senior Communications Design Specialist at SEIU Local 99. He has formerly worked in various positions within the nonprofit sector focusing on visual communications and fundraising.