Who’s Got the Power? We’ve Got the Power! Members Make a Powerful Statement Outside LAUSD Board Meeting

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On Tuesday, December 12, hundreds of SEIU Local 99 members showed up in force outside a scheduled LAUSD Board Meeting to send board members a message loud and clear: Negotiate in good faith with us, respect us, recognize the value of our work, do good by our students, or else.

We are a vital link to education. At the action, we linked arms and encircled LAUSD Headquarters on Beaudry Avenue to show that, together, we are vital to education. It simply isn’t possible for quality education to happen without us: We drive the buses, we clean the schools, we deliver school supplies and keep them stocked, we prepare and serve the lunches, we provide vital support in the classroom, and so much more.

The fact is, the work we do to serve students is intimately tied to the quality of education. Cuts to hours, short hours, under-staffing, outsourcing, lack of respect (especially in food service), and the part-time, low-wage status of our work is a disservice to students and parents.

We say enough is enough. Our Bargaining Team will have our last bargaining session of the year with District negotiators on Tuesday, December 19. We expect the District to do the right thing and put forth concrete solutions to the issues we’ve identified that are affecting students and affecting us.

If they haven’t gotten the message, if the stonewalling continues, make no mistake: the fight will continue.

Remember, we have strength in solidarity. Keep organizing your co-workers, support each other, stay union strong, and we will get the contract we deserve.

Check out some photos from the action:

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The video on this post is long. Here are some notable moments:

  • 1:16 – Members link up arms around the Beaudry building
  • 3:14 – Special Education Assistants speak out
  • 4:50 – State Assemblyman Miguel Santiago speaks (and says it like it is)
  • 9:06 – Members Marisol Aguilar, Haydee Malacas, Edna Logan, and an LAUSD student tell their stories
  • 21:09 – Executive Director of Innercity Struggle Maria Brenes speaks out in solidarity with us
  • 24:34 – SEIU Local 99 Executive Director Max Arias gives a speech and leads a chant
  • 27:56 – Members march around the Beaudry building and close it with a chant at the entrance to the board room
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About the Author:

Wayne Huang is Senior Communications Design Specialist at SEIU Local 99. He has formerly worked in various positions within the nonprofit sector focusing on visual communications and fundraising.