Sign Language Interpreters, Speech & Language Pathology Assistants, School Occupational Therapy Assistants and Others Secure Permanent Scarcity Differential Pay

Together in our union, we’ve secured a permanent scarcity differential for Sign Language Interpreters, Speech & Language Pathology Assistants, School Occupational Therapy Assistants and others at LAUSD who receive this additional pay. We’re also holding the District accountable to make sure they’re paid correctly.

Every year, these members were concerned that LAUSD would cancel the scarcity differential, which would be a huge hardship for their families. Many of them started wondering: “Why not make it permanent and part of our base salary?” And they found out they were not alone. Many other members were thinking the same thing.

They came together and worked with our Local 99 contract bargaining team to address this issue in negotiations late last year. Three days before their differential was set to expire, LAUSD agreed in writing to make their scarcity differential a permanent part of their salary, effective January 1st, 2018. Result: Victory! One less thing to stress about.

But just as they were set to see their pay at the beginning of this year, some of them noticed their paystubs didn’t reflect this agreement. So they showed union strength again and contacted the District’s Labor Relations office to resolve the issue.

LAUSD’s response was immediate: “We apologize about this error and please know various departments are working to get it corrected as soon as possible.”

The District has stated that they will issue retroactive pay and affected workers will get a check for their missing pay on or before the next pay date of February 8th. We’re working with LAUSD so that future paychecks will reflect our agreement.

If LAUSD’s payroll error caused you any financial hardship, please fill out our inquiry form and provide documentation supporting your claim. You can find our form here:

We achieved this victory together, as a union. Let’s keep the ball rolling. Tomorrow, we’ll be back to the bargaining table to push for wage increases for everyone. The more united we are, the harder we can push. It’s why everyone should become a full union member. And if you’re already a member, recommit to stay union strong by re-signing a membership application.

Divided, we beg. United, we win.

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