Enough is Enough! SEIU Local 99 Calls for Strike Authorization Vote

SEIU Local 99 members put LAUSD on notice. We told them to value our work with fair wages. We told them to ensure students have all the support and services they need by providing full staffing. And we told them that we don’t want to strike, but we will, if that’s what it takes for them to listen.

We held a press conference on February 26 to announce that SEIU Local 99 members will be taking a strike vote. Union members will be voting on authorizing our bargaining team to call for a strike if it’s necessary to push for a stronger contract. Voting will be happening at schools and work sites throughout the District March 12-24. More details are coming soon.

To make sure the District got the message loud and clear, many members wore stickers at their schools reading – “I don’t want to STRIKE, but I will for quality schools, better lives.”

Our voices were heard on the very same day that the U.S. Supreme Court was hearing a case called Janus v AFSCME. This case aims to weaken unions and workers’ power to negotiate strong contracts. We showed that No court case will stop us. When workers join together and take united action, we have the power to win more for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

See photos from the press conference and picket action at Marlton School

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Informational Pickets Across LAUSD

In an act of solidarity, Local 99 Members across the district also wore and displayed a sticker that said: “We Don’t Want to Strike, But We Will for Quality Schools, Better Lives”

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Wayne Huang is Senior Communications Design Specialist at SEIU Local 99. He has formerly worked in various positions within the nonprofit sector focusing on visual communications and fundraising.