Now that we’ve authorized our bargaining team to call for a strike, what’s next?

Our bargaining team will continue in negotiations. Our goal is not to strike but to reach a fair agreement. Our next bargaining session is on April 30 and we hope to make progress.

While many members have expressed an eagerness to strike, it’s important that we follow all of the legal steps. Although strikes are always risky, by complying with all of our legal obligations, we are providing the greatest possible protection for striking workers. Here are the steps we need to take:

  1. Impasse: One or both parties can declare impasse. This means that the parties have reached a dead end in negotiations. This could occur as soon as April 30, or sometime thereafter. Impasse DOES NOT mean that we are striking. Instead, it means that the parties will begin using available impasse resolution processes.
  2. Mediation: A neutral third-party is brought in to help us reach an agreement.
  3. Fact-Finding: If the mediator can’t help us reach an agreement, the parties go to factfinding. This is a process where a neutral fact-finder evaluates the parties’ positions and makes a recommendation about a resolution of the parties’ impasse, including whether LAUSD can afford to pay for the raises and other contract proposals we are looking for.

The mediation and fact-finding process can take several months. Once this process is complete, we can call for an economic strike. This means that a lawful, economic strike would need to occur next school year.

However, during the bargaining process and our strike vote, the District has been negotiating in bad faith and violating workers’ rights. We have filed unfair practice charges to protest these actions. Under the law, members can call a strike to protest unfair practices prior to completion of impasse resolution processes. It’s possible that certain worksites or areas will call for an unfair practice strike before the end of the school year.

Things are moving quickly at the bargaining table so be sure to check back often for the latest updates and accurate information.

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About the Author:

Conrado Guerrero is the current President of SEIU Local 99 and a Building Engineer at LAUSD.