Two Agreements Reached Today in Bargaining + Where We’re At

Even though we’re still far apart on wages and staffing, we can be proud that our rallies, sticker-ups, informational picketing and strike vote have led to several tentative agreements with LAUSD. At our bargaining session today, April 30, we reached agreement on two more proposals:

  • Subcontracting Protections
    Improved protections against the subcontracting of Unit B and C work by being able to demand to bargain when the District is seeking to subcontract our work. Members in Units B and C include Special Education Assistants and Bus Drivers.
  • Job Protections
    Better job protections in case of unfair termination of Community Representatives and other workers in Unit G.

Here’s a rundown on some other key agreements our bargaining team has reached with LAUSD:

Labor Management Committees
We expanded Labor Management Committees so that workers in more work areas will be able to meet with LAUSD management to address issues related to their specific jobs – even when we are not in contract negotiations. For the first time, Teacher Assistants, Community Representatives and members working in Before and After School Programs will be able to form Labor Management Committees.

Non-Discrimination and Respectful Treatment
We agreed that no employee, including probationary employees, will be discriminated against. We also agreed that “behaviors that contribute to a hostile, humiliating or intimidating work environment … will not be tolerated.” Having this in writing gives workers better protections and a stronger voice to raise concerns about bullying or harassment at work.

New Employee Orientation
Knowledge is power and new LAUSD employees will get off to a strong start by being informed of their contract protections, their rights on the job and more during required orientation sessions that will be led by SEIU Local 99 members.

Scarcity Differential
The scarcity differential for Sign Language Interpreters, Speech & Language Pathology Assistants, School Occupational Therapy Assistants, Network Operations Center Engineers, Senior IT LAN Technicians, and WAN Specialists will now be a permanent part of their base salary. Previously, they had to reapply for the differential every year.

Special Education: Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) Providers Training Program
To begin eliminating the subcontracting of BII work and ensure consistent quality in student services,  we moved the District to agree to set-up a pilot program that will train Special Education Assistants to become BIIs. Special Ed Assistants who complete the program and perform BII work will earn a salary differential.

Bus Drivers Bidding Procedures
Instead of meetings to bid on driving assignments, a process will be set-up so that drivers can bid in person or online.

Temporary Additional Work Hours for Bus Drivers
We got the District to finally lift the 6.9-hour cap on work hours for bus drivers. All temporary additional hours will now be distributed among qualified Local 99 members.

LAUSD is listening. Our next bargaining session is on May 4. Members at many school sites are leading informational picket lines this week and preparing for unfair practice strikes to protest the District bargaining in bad faith and violating our rights. Read more about the strike process here. If you’d like to lead a strike at your work site, sign-up to be a strike captain. Let’s keep it up.

Together, we can win respect and a fair contract.

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About the Author:

Haydee has been a Parent Community Representative at Carson High School for eight years and has taught and worked in education for over 12 years. She is the proud mother of two children who also graduated from Carson High. Haydee is a passionate and strong advocate for student and parent rights.