Know Your Rights When Striking

As we move forward with plans to strike at LAUSD , I know that some of you may have questions or concerns about your rights and protections. Be assured that our union is complying with all of our legal obligations to provide the greatest possible protection for striking workers. We know the District is feeling the pressure and it’s possible that supervisors or other District bosses may try and discourage you from striking. It’s important that you know your rights.

Your boss may begin making promises if you don’t strike. Or they may show up at union meetings at your school or worksite. They may even ask you if you’re going to go on strike or threaten to fire you if you strike. And even after the strike they could try and retaliate against you. This is all against the law. If you witness or are subject to any of this, report it immediately by filling out an inquiry form or calling 213-637-0296.

Download and print this helpful flyer that describes what we call S.P.I.T. – Surveillance, Promises, Interrogation, Threats. These are all violations of the Public Employment Relations Act. Share and post the flyer with your co-workers.  The flyer is also available in Spanish..

Remember: striking workers cannot be permanently replaced for going on a lawful strike. 

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About the Author:

Max Arias is the Executive Director of SEIU Local 99 and the Chief Negotiator working with our contract bargaining team.