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Wayne Huang is Senior Communications Design Specialist at SEIU Local 99. He has formerly worked in various positions within the nonprofit sector focusing on visual communications and fundraising.

LAUSD Strike Vote is ON! Vote online NOW!

We are the backbone of quality education at Los Angeles Unified School District, we are 30,000 workers strong, and together, we have power. Vote ‘Yes’ to give our Bargaining Team the authority to call for a lawful strike should the District continue bargaining in bad faith and continue to present proposals that disrespect the value [...]

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Enough is Enough! SEIU Local 99 Calls for Strike Authorization Vote

SEIU Local 99 members put LAUSD on notice. We told them to value our work with fair wages. We told them to ensure students have all the support and services they need by providing full staffing. And we told them that we don’t want to strike, but we will, if that’s what it takes for [...]

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Tentative Agreement Reached on Healthcare Benefits: Time to Vote

Together in our union, we were able to beat back the district’s proposed cuts to our health care benefits and protected health care for our families. On January 18, SEIU Local 99—along with the other unions at LAUSD—reached a 3-year Tentative Agreement on Healthcare Benefits. Now it's time to vote to ratify this agreement.

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Tentative Agreement Reached on Healthcare Benefits

We've reached a Tentative Agreement on Healthcare Benefits between LAUSD and all eight unions at the District. A 3-year tentative agreement will be voted on by all LAUSD employee unions in coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information on the ratification vote. With union members standing united against any healthcare cuts, a Tentative Agreement was [...]

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Who’s Got the Power? We’ve Got the Power! Members Make a Powerful Statement Outside LAUSD Board Meeting

Video not playing? See it on Facebook. On Tuesday, December 12, hundreds of SEIU Local 99 members showed up in force outside a scheduled LAUSD Board Meeting to send board members a message loud and clear: Negotiate in good faith with us, respect us, recognize the value of our work, do good by our students, [...]

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LAUSD has nothing to show for in November 29 Bargaining Session. Let’s help them

  Our bargaining team met with LAUSD on Wednesday, November 29. Here's what happened: On Wages The District is still dug-in on their 2% one-time raise and 1% one-time bonus. They basically said that they see no pathway to be able to give us any more. Well, let’s show them the path way. [...]

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2%: Still a Sticking Point in Bargaining. Time for Members to Make the District Budge. Health Care Cut Threats: District Backs Off

Our picket lines, sticker-ups and other actions are being heard. Our bargaining team is making progress at the bargaining table. Special Education Assistants and BII Pilot During negotiations on November 9, we had a positive conversation about setting up a pilot program for eligible SEIU Local 99 members to be trained as Behavior Intervention Implementation [...]

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LAUSD may be trying to reduce hours of Special Education Assistants, bargaining in bad faith. Let us know if you’ve been affected.

  Back in August, LAUSD tried to cut the hours of Special Education Assistants across-the-board. We said 'NO WAY' and put a stop to it at the bargaining table. Now, it has come to SEIU Local 99's attention that the district may be attempting to cut hours from Special Education Assistants and Trainees. There have [...]

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It’s On: Informational Pickets Start October 23!

In our recent bargaining session on Sept. 27, the District did not come back with a fair wage proposal. They're still offering the same one-time 2% raise, but they added on 1% one-time bonus. This is NOT the "generous" offer they said they'd come back to us with and it certainly is not [...]

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On Wages: District Disappoints Again – Time to Turn Up the Heat

Our Bargaining Team met with the District on September 27. LAUSD’s negotiator had promised to come back with a “generous” wage proposal. So what did they offer? LAUSD continued to stick to their one-time 2% raise and now they added a 1% one-time bonus. They call this generous? The school board just got a 174% [...]

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