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United, we bargained, united we won!
SEIU Local 99 Members vote overwhelmingly to ratify the 2017-2020 contract.



LAUSD calls for emergency meeting with Bargaining Team to avert strike

Just a week before members en masse were to go on a district-wide strike,
LAUSD has reached a tentative agreement with our Bargaining Team.



Just a week before members en masse were to go on a district-wide strike, LAUSD has reached a tentative agreement with our Bargaining Team. Now, the Local 99 membership must vote on whether to ratify the agreement. Voting starts May 16 and ends May 31.

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What We’re Fighting For

The District continues to depend on a largely part-time work force to provide critical support services, including student nutrition, health and safety, and classroom support. Additionally, after school programs and parent training, which are proven to increase graduation rates are in dire need of expansion. Career ladder opportunities to hire more teachers from our local school communities have not been funded in years. And while we’ve worked with the District to lift the wage floor at LAUSD, many of the District’s most experienced, long-time workers still struggle on wages that have not kept up with the rising costs of living.

We have identified four key areas that will address these problems and will be a focus of our negotiation with LAUSD:

Staffing Levels

Staffing levels on key student programs and services must be increased so that all students learn in clean, safe environments and have the support they need to succeed.

Read Julio’s story

Read Willie’s story

Fair Wages

School employees with years of dedication and experience must be compensated a fair wage. Wages aren’t just about money. Many of us are also parents of current LAUSD students. When parents have a good job, our children have the stability at home that they need to succeed in school.

Read Thresa’s story 

Training & Education

Teachers and staff who live in the same neighborhood as their schools know their students better than anyone else. We want to increase training and education opportunities to bring more local faces into our schools and foster stronger communities.

Read Maria’s story

Safety & Respect

The education of our children is also about the examples that we set for them. We can do this at our schools by fostering work environments where all employees are safe and respected.

Read Grace’s story

Contract Agreement Reached with LAUSD. Strike Called-Off.

We are Union Strong! Unfair Practices Resolved. Strike Averted. Members now must vote on agreement. Our Bargaining Team Recommends a 'Yes' Vote. Our petitions, informational picket lines, stickers-ups, rallies, protests at school board [...]

LAUSD gives us their “last, best, and final offer” – Their “best” isn’t good enough

After a long bargaining session on Friday, May 4, the District gave us their last, best, and final offer. While there was some movement, the District’s “best” just isn’t good enough. The [...]

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Two Agreements Reached Today in Bargaining + Where We’re At

Even though we’re still far apart on wages and staffing, we can be proud that our rallies, sticker-ups, informational picketing and strike vote have led to several tentative agreements with LAUSD. At our bargaining session [...]

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Lifting Our Schools Blog

The pressure is on! State legislators urge LAUSD to negotiate in good faith to “avert a strike”

As SEIU Local 99 members continue voting to authorize a strike this week, our efforts are getting a boost from elected officials. California Senate Leader Kevin de Leon, California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Assembly Member Mike Gipson and the CA Black Legislative Caucus all sent letters to LAUSD Board Members telling them they support our fight. They’re urging them to negotiate in good faith to avoid a strike. We’re proud to be getting support from legislators who value our work and who understand that we don’t want to strike, but we will to win the fair wages our families need and the staffing levels our students deserve. In his letter to School Board President Monica Garcia, Senator Kevin de Leon writes: “A strike of this magnitude would not only adversely affect labor and management but more importantly, the students … The fact that after a year of collective bargaining negotiations [...]

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Who’s Got the Power? We’ve Got the Power! Members Make a Powerful Statement Outside LAUSD Board Meeting

Video not playing? See it on Facebook. On Tuesday, December 12, hundreds of SEIU Local 99 members showed up in force outside a scheduled LAUSD Board Meeting to send board members a message loud and clear: Negotiate in good faith with us, respect us, recognize the value of our work, do good by our students, or else. We are a vital link to education. At the action, we linked arms and encircled LAUSD Headquarters on Beaudry Avenue to show that, together, we are vital to education. It simply isn't possible for quality education to happen without us: We drive the buses, we clean the schools, we deliver school supplies and keep them stocked, we prepare and serve the lunches, we provide vital support in the classroom, and so much more. The fact is, the work we do to serve students is intimately tied to the quality of education. Cuts to [...]

December 14th, 2017|

Together We Rise: Join our Labor Day March and Rally

As strong union members, we have the power to raise wages, fight back against cuts to staffing and work hours, demand respect for our work, and improve student services. We’re currently in contract negotiations with LAUSD. Let’s show our Union Strength to beat back cuts, protect and expand good jobs, and win the strong contract we deserve. On Labor Day, we’ll march with Fast Food Workers, Health Care Workers, Child Care Providers and other workers throughout the city to stand up for our right to unite and fight for a better future. Bring your co-workers, bring your family. Labor Day March & Rally Monday, September 4th at 9:30 am Meet in front of Ramon Cortines High School – 450 N. Grand Avenue. Downtown L.A. Corner of Cesar Chavez and Grand Ave. We’ll march to Grand Park from there. Free Transportation Available! Avoid Traffic! We’re offering free bus transportation to the [...]

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