Show Them We’re United, Show Them We’re #99STRONG! 2018-03-13T11:10:38+00:00

Show Them We’re United, Show Them We’re #99STRONG!

A strike will only succeed if we all participate and show the District we are united. Voting was the first step. What can we do next? Get the word out to our fellow members, get them to join you, and flex our union strength on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

How to Make Your #99STRONG Statement

  1. Take a picture or make a video (recommended) with you and your coworkers (or just you).
  2. Complete one of the following statements:
    —”I’m ready to strike because…”
    —”I’m ready to strike with my Local 99 brothers and sisters at [your school] because…”
    If you take a photo(s), write out the full statement in your post (you may not be able to fit it in Twitter). If you take a video, say it all verbally.
  3. Post your photo(s) or video to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and hashtag it with #99Strong. It’s super important that you tag it. If you don’t, it won’t be seen. (See the example below).
    Also, you can tag other people. Tag your co-workers and we also recommend tagging school board members. This lets them know about your post. See how to tag on the reverse side.
  4. Like the SEIU Local 99 Facebook Page @SEIU99 and join the conversation. Keep using #99Strong in your posts.

Sample Facebook post with hashtag

How to Tag Someone

To tag someone on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, create a new post or tweet. In the area where you type in the contents of your post/tweet, type in the ‘@’ symbol followed by the person’s name.

For example, if we want to tag Board Member Nick Melvoin, we would type ‘@Nick Melvoin’.

You will notice that as you type, a list of names appear. If you see Nick Melvoin’s name pop-up and it looks to be the right Nick, you can just click or tap the name and it will automatically be entered.

On Facebook, you know you’ve successfully tagged someone if their name appears highlighted in light blue (see image). On Instagram and Twitter, tags and hashtags appear in blue-colored text.

When you are done crafting your post/tweet, click or tap Post, Share, or Tweet.

What if their name doesn’t appear? If their name doesn’t appear, it either means you typed their name in incorrectly, they aren’t on that particular social media platform or they go by a different name. Do a search to see if you can find them.

See some examples of username tags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (left to right):

Why Bother Tagging Someone?

Why not? Our employer—LAUSD—who we’re negotiating with is made up of people, people who make decisions in these negotiations. And guess what? These same people are on social media just like you! You don’t need to (but you definitely should) go wait in line to speak at a Board Meeting. Say what you want to say directly at them. When you tag someone, they get notified that they’ve been tagged. Change their minds, open their eyes, make them shiver in fear at the sight of our awesome union power!