//School Districts Pass Resolutions in Support of AB 621

School Districts Pass Resolutions in Support of AB 621

On Thursday, August 24—at the urging of custodial and cafeteria staff, and other classified school workers of SEIU Local 99—Compton and Lynwood Unified School Board Members passed a resolution that, in turn, urges the California State Legislature and Governor to put an end to their “cruel summer” without pay by passing and signing AB 621 into law.

The Compton School Board resolution was sponsored by Board President Satra Zurita and co-sponsored by Board Clerk Margie Garrett and Board Member Alma Pleasant. The Lynwood School Board resolution was sponsored by Board President Alma-Delia Renteria.

Max Arias, Executive Director of SEIU Local 99, released the following statement:

“Across California, the school bus drivers, ‘lunch ladies,’ custodians, classroom assistants and other classified employees in our neighborhood schools are a crucial part of the learning experience for our students. They are deeply committed to our students’ success. And yet they struggle every year to make it through the summer break.

“With the passage of this resolution, the Compton School Board has shown they understand this struggle. When school lets out for the summer, classified staff paychecks go away. With earnings of just $20,700 on average each year, many of California’s school support staff—like Special Education Assistants Gloria and Kat and Teacher Assistant Esmeralda—are forced to rely on food stamps, church closets or food banks to get by because they are they only seasonal or periodic workers who are excluded from the unemployment insurance system that fills unemployment gaps for all other such workers.

“AB 621 will help classified workers support their families during recess periods, and help bridge the financial gap that they face during the summer months.

We’re gaining momentum! By August 31, the bill will be reviewed by the Senate Appropriations Committee. Speak out in support by sending petition letters to committee members.

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