//LAUSD Throws Full Support Behind AB 621

LAUSD Throws Full Support Behind AB 621

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

School workers applaud LAUSD’s support of


The Los Angeles Unified School Board, representing the largest school district in California, today voted unanimously to adopt a resolution in support of Assembly Bill 621 (Bocanegra), state legislation that will help end the cruel summer endured by many special education assistants, custodians, cafeteria workers and other classified school workers. LAUSD’s resolution calls on the State Legislature and the Governor to make this bill become law.

Co-sponsored by Board Members Mónica García and Dr. Richard Vladovic, the Board’s resolution recognizes that classified employees “are an integral part of the education community” yet “struggle to provide for their families” during the summer break when they go unpaid.  AB621 would create a Summer Bridge Fund that will give classified employees an opportunity to save for the summer, with a 2:1 match by the state.  The bill was passed by the State Assembly and is currently awaiting a vote by the Senate.

“Classified employees in our neighborhood schools are a crucial part of the learning experience for our students. And yet they struggle every year to make it through the summer break,” said Max Arias, Executive Director of SEIU Local 99.  “With the passage of this resolution, LAUSD board members have shown that they understand this struggle. When school lets out for the summer, classified staff paychecks go away. With earnings of just $20,700 on average each year, many of California’s school support staff—like Special Education Assistants Gloria and Kat and Teacher Assistant Esmeralda—are forced to rely on food stamps, church closets or food banks to get by because they are they only seasonal or periodic workers who are excluded from the unemployment insurance system that fills unemployment gaps for all other such workers.”

“California is at the initial stage of re-investing in our schools, students, and employees,” said Board Member Mónica García. “Our communities deserve great public schools and good jobs with a living wage to continue to lift children and families out of poverty. AB 621 is a partnership to strengthen the bridge towards educational and economic justice. We are one. I thank the Board of Education, Assemblyman Bocanegra and the voices of labor leadership aligned behind this bill.”

“I am supportive of this legislation; as I believe it is a necessary safeguard for our most economically vulnerable employees to ensure they can make ends meet in the months where they no longer have the guarantee of their LAUSD salaries,” said Board Member Richard Vladovic.

“I am supportive of Assembly Bill 612 because this District has a strong commitment to serving our youth and families who need our support the most,” said Board President Dr. Ref Rodriguez. “We know that the intent of this bill will help make our classified employees whole, especially during the summer months. We urge all of our partners to work together to fight for more funding for California schools, so that we can continue to make fiscally responsible investments.”

“I am committed to supporting our classified employees, who are, in so many ways, the backbone of this district and our school communities,” said Board Member Nick Melvoin. “As we fight for funding equity in the classroom for our students, I call on the state to step up and support summer bridge funding for our classified employees without diminishing the resources the state provides to our students.”

Board Member Kelly Gonez added, “Classified employees are vital to the success of our schools, and I support efforts to help ensure they make a meaningful living. This bill will provide critical assistance to help our classified employees make ends meet when school is not in session. I hope to work in partnership with SEIU and others to ensure that AB 621, rather than supplanting existing education funds, represents additional investment in our dedicated workforce.”


Where’s the Bill Now?

February 14
March 29
May 26
May 31
June 19
July 12
September 1
September 12
Governor’s Desk

February 14

Bill read for first time.

March 29

Heard in and passes the Assembly Committee on Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security on a 5-2 vote. Bill is referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Ayes: Bonta(D), Cervantes(D), Cooper(D), O’Donnell(D), Rodriguez(D)
Noes: Travis Allen(R), Brough(R)

May 26

Assembly Appropriations Committee passes AB 621 without amendments on a 12-5 vote.

Ayes: Bloom(D), Bocanegra(D), Bonta(D), Calderon(D), Friedman(D), Eduardo Garcia(D), Gonzalez Fletcher(D), Gray(D), McCarty(D), Muratsuchi(D), Quirk, Reyes(D)

Noes: Bigelow(R), Brough(R), Fong(R), Gallagher(R), Obernolte(R)

May 31

Assembly votes to pass the bill 53-21.

Ayes: Aguiar-Curry(D), Arambula(D), Berman(D), Bloom(D), Bocanegra(D), Bonta(D), Burke(D), Caballero(D), Calderon(D), Chau(D), Chiu(D), Chu(D), Cooley(D), Cooper(D), Dababneh(D), Daly(D), Frazier(D), Friedman(D), Cristina Garcia(D), Eduardo Garcia(D), Gipson(D), Gloria(D), Gomez(D), Gonzalez Fletcher(D), Gray(D), Grayson(D), Holden(D), Irwin(D), Jones-Sawyer(D), Kalra(D), Levine(D), Limón(D), Low(D), McCarty(D), Medina(D), Mullin(D), Muratsuchi(D), Nazarian(D), O’Donnell(D), Quirk(D), Quirk-Silva(D), Reyes(D), Ridley-Thomas(D), Rodriguez(D), Rubio(D), Salas(D), Santiago(D), Mark Stone(D), Thurmond(D), Ting(D), Weber(D), Wood(D), Rendon(D)

Noes: Acosta(R), Travis Allen(R), Baker(R), Bigelow(R), Brough(R), Chávez(R), Cunningham(R), Dahle(R), Flora(R), Fong(R), Gallagher(R), Harper(R), Kiley(R), Lackey(R), Maienschein(R), Mathis(R), Mayes(R), Obernolte(R), Patterson(R), Voepel(R), Waldron(R)

No Votes Recorded: Cervantes, Chen, Choi, Eggman, Melendez, Steinorth

June 19

Senate Rules Committee assigns AB 621 to Labor and Industrial Relations Committee.

July 12

Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee passes the bill.

Ayes: Bradford (D), Atkins (D), Jackson (D), Mitchell (D)
Noes: Stone (R)

September 1

Senate Appropriations Committee passes the bill.

Ayes: Beall (D), Bradford (D), Hill (D), Lara (D), Wiener (D)

Noes: Bates (R), Nielsen (R)

Note the party line vote.

September 12

Senate votes to pass AB 621. Bill heads to Governor’s Desk.

Ayes: Allen, Atkins, Beall, Bradford, De León, Dodd, Galgiani, Glazer, Hernandez, Hertzberg, Hill, Hueso, Jackson, Lara, Leyva, McGuire, Mendoza, Mitchell, Monning, Newman, Pan, Portantino, Roth, Skinner, Stern, Wieckowski, Wiener

Noes: Anderson, Bates, Berryhill, Cannella, Fuller, Gaines, Moorlach, Morrell, Nguyen, Nielsen, Stone, Vidak, Wilk

Governor’s Desk

AB 621 has passed all committees and the Assembly and Senate floors and now is at the governor’s desk. The deadline for the governor to sign the bill is October 15.

If he does not sign or veto the bill before the deadline, it automatically becomes law without his signature. Also, the governor must sign or veto legislation in his possession by the day the legislature adjourns or it becomes law without being signed.

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