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Bargaining Updates

October 2017

September 2017

On Wages: District Disappoints Again – Time to Turn Up the Heat

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Our Bargaining Team met with the District on September 27. LAUSD’s negotiator had promised to come back with a “generous” wage proposal. So what did they offer? LAUSD continued to stick to their one-time 2% [...]

August 2017

We push for more Special Ed hours and then LAUSD proposes cuts? Really?

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  SEIU Local 99’s LAUSD Bargaining Team is currently in contract negotiations with the District. In addition to wages and benefits, we’re pushing for better staffing and more services for the children with special needs [...]

July 2017

Some progress on Special Ed and LAUSD accepts our Custodian challenge

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  Our Bargaining Team met with the District on Tuesday, July 18. We made some progress in regards to the subcontracting of work to Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) providers. We discussed the concept of [...]

June 2017

They’re Listening!

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We had a spirited and emotional Speak-Out in front of LAUSD Headquarters on Tuesday, June 13. And there’s no doubt that it had an impact on our bargaining session on Friday, June 16.  One of the first things the LAUSD negotiators said was that the School Board heard us -- and the District is working on a wage proposal to present to us soon. We let them know that we’re looking forward to a fair proposal.