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What is Collective Bargaining?

The District sits down and negotiates with us because, as union members, we have won that right. Without a union, we’re on our own to negotiate with management over our wages, benefits and working conditions.

“Collective bargaining” simply means that a group of union members—our Bargaining Team—sits down with management to negotiate our union contract with the employer—including our pay, benefits, hours, holidays, sick leave, staffing levels, seniority, safety, supplies and other working conditions. Most union contracts provide far more protections than state and federal laws. For example, we are often able to negotiate more generous leave time and much better and safer working conditions. Also, in most worksites without a union contract, workers have “at will employment.” That means they are there “at the will” of their employer and they can be fired at any time, for any reason—or no reason at all. Most of us have much stronger job protections in our contracts. Through collective bargaining, we have been able to set the rules for discipline and termination.

In every contract, we can continue to make improvements. Every time we come together to negotiate a contract we build on the gains we’ve already made. Collective bargaining can’t solve all the problems at our workplaces, but it’s the only real way that workers can have any say in our jobs. It’s a basic right and must be defended. This is how it all works:

The Bargaining Process

This color box indicates where we are in the bargaining process right now.

Our Bargaining Team

Gilbert Feliciano
Special Education Assistant

Robinson Landeta

Edna Logan
Building & Grounds Worker

Haydee Malacas
Community Representative

Miguel Morales
Stock Worker

Robert Ortiz
Truck Driver

Serita Richardson
Community Representative

Tyrone Severe
Campus Aide

Thresa Thomas
Senior Cafeteria Worker

Elizabeth Thomas-Parker
Special Education Assistant

Tanya Walters
Heavy Bus Driver

Bart Weil
Special Education Assistant

Max Arias
SEIU Local 99 Executive Director & Chief Negotiator